Who we are

We are a unique case in Italy and probably in the world, a shop around the goblets and glasses, we have more than 500 types.

Favored by the fact of living in a manufacturing district, Colle di Val d'Elsa, located between Siena, Florence and San Gimignano and 2 steps from Chianti, we decided to meet the challenge of the new millennium and globalization specializing even more and then cutting around the objects department and increasing tenfold the offer of cups, glasses, jugs decanter, oil cruets, salt and pepper.

Our glasses are made of crystal and glass, colored and transparent, mouth blown, hand cut and automated, classic, modern, design, and machined smooth, matt and glossy.

Our customers are private individuals, restaurants, wine bar and wine producers. Everyone has recommended a type of specific products and the resulting price list.

In the last decade we have specialized in customizing, not surprisingly we are suppliers in 2016 of most of the municipalities and Pro-Loco organizing Calici di Stelle.

Who you are

I do not know who you are, but if you get in this store will be out of curiosity to find out some special cup, and that fits well with your favorite wine or try a few glasses that you just cannot find because your favorite store closed or no longer holds that brand or you just feel like a gift idea.

You could be a Barbaresco producer, a Taurasi or a lover of the bubbles.

You could be a gourmet chef or the owner of a Roman trattoria or simply Silvia that collapsed belief with all its glasses that were still unmatched and opaque.

You could be an old customer of my mother or my father who is simply looking for a greeting or two almost newlyweds who want to engrave their names on glasses for a new type of candy.

I am here to listen to you and respond to it in a polite and thorough.